Welcome to "iyaofans

Hello, whether you are a creator or a supporter of creators, we are glad you found iyaofans.

What is "iyaofans"?

A platform for creators? A fan community? A content community? Maybe it's all part of iyaofans.

Why do we need "iyaofans"?

We believe that creators who have worked long and hard on one thing deserve to be noticed, and that the good they bring to the world deserves an equal return.
Fans who get this value from their work will be willing to support their favorite creators with "iyaofans".
Therefore, the "iyaofans" platform was created to connect creators and fans.

The goal of "iyaofans" is to provide long-term and stable income to creators and to return the freedom of creation to them. We want everyone to feel that creativity is something that pays off and makes them feel happy.
From a fan's perspective, they get joy from the support and rewards from their favorite members; from a creator's perspective, they can continue their creative journey better and more freely, and they build a longer-term, deeper relationship with their fans.

What kind of creators are suitable for "iyaofans"?

No matter what kind of creators, they can use "iyaofans" to run their own fan membership system, interact more deeply with their fans, and maintain their core fans.
Tens of thousands of creators are earning income and managing fans through "iyaofans", including comic artists, text writers, painters, musicians, game developers, developers or managers of other products such as forums and software, video UP owners, podcasters, travel bloggers, vloggers, vtubers, and more.

If you are a creator, click here "Become a creator" to create your "iyaofans" homepage

I am a regular user, not a creator, what can I do?

You can visit the "iyaofans" website to discover more authors and support them!

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I am a creator, what should I do?

Simply, you can register and set up in 10 minutes and start using iyaofans!
Register and create "iyaofans" creator homepage, fill in your birth date, complete the authentication steps, set up your membership profile, etc.! (See the creator's guide below)
Promote the "iyaofans" homepage to your fans and let your fans see it as much as possible (including not limited to the top of Weibo, QQ group, WeChat group, video and audio broadcast, etc.)
Continuously promote and operate the iyaofans homepage and post free or members-only content on iyaofans

Do creators pay to use the iyaofans platform?

The use of "iyaofans" is free of charge, only the revenue share.
Payment channel fixed fee 1% (paypal)
Payment channel handling fee 5% (paypal)
Platform service fee 20%, for labor, server, operation and promotion costs
The creator will get 80% of the revenue, much better than other platforms!